Twitter was started in March 2006, by Jack Dorsey, who also sent the first tweet, well as the owner, you have to don’t you!


It was originally created, so the popular myth goes  as a messaging service for bike couriers to talk amongst themselves, but because of its popularity and similarity to the way people sent text messages from their mobile phones, it grew fairly quickly and now has around 500,000 active users


If you are a seasoned / experienced social media user, then what is covered in this post, will be like teaching you to suck eggs but please bear with it as it is designed for the reader who is adding twitter to their social media marketing strategy


First of all Twitter is a very underated, but popular social network, it is also the only social network which operates in real time


To get an a twitter account it is very easy,,simply go to


once there you will need to create an account.You will need an email account, gmail is preferred, because its spam filters are less restrictive than other free email providsrs


When creating your account, you will be asked to create a user name, which must be no longer than 15 characters.


as a guide use your own name, or if that has gone, use a version of your name such as yourname1 or iam


Avoid using nicknames if you can, as it detracts from credibility.


Next you will want to add a photo, make sure the one you use is of you and not of your kids,or pets, no matter how much you might like them


Complete your profile and thats it, job done, your now ready to start tweeting



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