Twitter ~ How to Edit your Profile

When completing your profile, you will notice that you only have a limited space to write text in the BIO section


So a good tip is this, us the BIO section to list key points about you, punctuated with #tags related to your niche or business, followed by find out more by clicking the link below



In the website link section, its entirely your choice what you put in there, however s you want people who don’t know you to get to know you then its highly recommended to put an about me page in this sectioin


You can do this either by getting an page or as most business people do, they put the about section of their hosted blog in this section, the resources below are creditable ones which do the job nicely


your own hosted wordpress blog


Doing tbis gives the reader a little bit more information about you, your background, hobbies and interests, so they can relate to you


Another essential thing you must do when adding your website link to your profile is to make sure you use a tracking link, so you can see how many times people have viewed your profile


If you don’t use a tracker then google provide a very good free one at


Tracking shows you just how many times your link has been clicked on at the location you have it and is a very good tool for monitoring your marketing actviities online


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