Twitter ~ Connecting Facebook to Twitter

This post explains how to connect your twitter account to facebook, or to be technically correct, how to connect your facebook account to twitter!


Either way it doesn’t matter, because you can still post to twitter from your facebook fanpage


So this is how its done.


First you need to have both facebook and twitter open


Then you go to


Once there, you will be asked to verify that you want to connect both accounts.


When tbat is done, you will then be able to post to twitter from your facebook fanpage only and not your personal facebook profile.


Now you might be thinking why would I want to connect my facebook fanpage to0 my twitter account.  There are many reasons for this, one of them being the character count allowed when posting directly onto twitter  which currently stands at 140, so you are restricted by what you can write, whereas


On your facebook fanpage, you are not restricted to 140 characters, so you can write some additional text, which doesn’t appear salesy along with the link you wish to advertise and some relevant hashtags. Once its posted from your facebook fanpage to your twitter account, it appears on your twitter status update as a link which begins with http://fb….


So that how you post from your facebook to your twitter account


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