Facebook Live

Facebook Live is an absolute brilliant peice of software rolled out by the giant social media platform.

But what do you actually know about FBlive as it is affectionately known : )

Lets explore it further…

FBlive was launched by the social media giant, back in April 2016

Up to the start of this year 2017, video posts had increased by a staggering 94%

Though slow on the uptake by its users, is now proving to be a good marketing asset for business owners, as the figures below will show

Daily Active Users is 1.13 Billion which is a 17% increase from last year

Daily  mobile active users is 1.03 Billion, which is a 22% increase on last year

Monthly Mobile active users is 1.57 billion

So lets take a closer look at what it is.

Its software which lets people, public figures and pages share live video

Its available to all pages & profiles on facebook for iOS, android and FB mentions


The system itself lets you know that you are live, by displaying a red live icon indicating that you are live along with the number of current viewers in the top left hand corner

Each live video can last up to 4 hours

Once your video ends it is published to the page or profile so that friends and fans who may have missed it can watch at a later time.


The live videos appear on the newsfeed and broadcasters page or profile while they are live, however once they have ended they are eligible to show up everywhere that other videos are

The Live videos are ranked higher than already done videos

They are also customizeable so that you can control and tailor to suit your audience

For example, no point in doing a live video about cat care, then broadcasting live to the dog community!  ; 0

Impressive statistics

You have read some statistics earlier, but lets delve into a few more

Did you know there are 3.8 Billion day views for facebook videos, which equates to 100% growth of those 4.85% are viewed surprisngly without sound and 6.84% of facebooks revenue comes from Mobile ads

The videos are also watched 3 x longer than regular video, with an impressive 13% organic reach and 6.3% engagement reach for broadcast videos and staggeringly 100 million hours of facebook videos are watched daily, which means it is slowly, but quickly catching youtube up


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