Facebook ~ How to turn your fanpage into a blog

facebook ~ How to turn your fanpage into a blog

You may have noticed that just recently facebook has been making a few adjustments to its platform, with new tools such as shopify, designed to help the small business owner to make money from a platform which is similar to wordpress.

Facebook has realised that with over a billion users, most of who are business owners, who are all posting content such as videos and blogs, that the best way to keep and increase their use base is by turning their fanpages into a blog type of page. If you don’t know what a fan page is, then www.facebook.com/davehayesbusinessconsultant is a good example of one

Call to action

One of the changes Facebook has made to their fanpages, is by adding a call to action, button above your status updates. adding this means now that you can add your website, blog, or a capture page to this section and focus on writing good content for your reader, which will ideally include reasons why they should take action and go to your call to action button. Lets face it with over 1 billion users on Facebooks platform, they want to keep you on there, because they want your money from their ads.

How to Videos

You might not be aware of this, but Facebook, is slowly overtaking YouTube, on the amount of videos watched, if you have done any research into YouTube Video views, then you will know that for facebook to achieve this, takes some doing, but slowly doing it they are. How to Videos and other good video content, is what is getting viewed more, so if you have a fanpage, then it may be a good idea to start sharing videos on there with your ‘followers’ so they engage more. Have you noticed that videos, usually get a comment, or  a share on them, espcially if they are interesting or funny.

As a home based business owner, you’ll know that new business is the lifeblood of any business, you’ll also know that doing business the conventional way, as in going to meetings, making appointments and doing business face to face is always good, but not without its frustrations, of diaries meeting, ‘life’ issues cropping up, all of which slows the process down, whereas and as you may have experienced, by writing blogs, articles or just networking online using some good tools and platforms, then the whole process of networking is dramatically halved, plus you also get more customers to you.

Which would you prefer? ~ Be the hunted or be the hunter


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