How to use Facebook groups

Do you want to connect to targeted groups of people using facebook  groups?

Would you like to be more visible on Facebook and attract the people you want

Facebook groups give you an opportunity to network with your industry peers as well as potential customers.

One of the biggest reasons to join <strong>Facebook</strong> groups is the visibility and networking they offer.Do they work?… Well on any given day look in your news feed and you’ll I see many posts from groups that your active in, but a lot fewer from pages that you like, it is not clear why that is, but it works the same way as linkedin groups.

The downside of joining Facebook groups for some business owners is that you have to join as your personal Facebook profile ~ your page cannot join a group. So if you don’t want to use your profile, then Facebook groups may not be for you.But when you think about it, when you join a network forum offline, you join as you not your business

Before You Join a Group

You can join up to 6,000 Facebook groups, now that may seem a lot,so Its better to focus on 10-20 where you know you’ll be active regularly, or If that’s too many for you, focus on a few that will have the highest impact for you.

Make sure it’s a good fit. Measure it against a few key criteria: active members, good description and certainly low spam.

If it’s a closed group, you won’t be able to see the activity until you join, so it will be hard to tell if the membership is active. If you join and find the group isn’t for you, don’t feel bad if you leave right away.

Find facebook groups

To find Facebook’s suggestions, look in your left sidebar and click Groups >>>>>>> New Groups. The results are based on your interests and your activity in other groups.Participate regularly in 1-5 targeted Facebook groups (you can adjust the number based on your own capacity). No matter what, its better to post or commenting at least once or twice a week, doing this builds up your know, like and trust with people


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