How to link your business to Google

Now you might htink this sounds harder than it is, but the reality is its not, as will be explained below.Once these steps are followed, you will have your website, linked to Googles search engine and stand more chance of being found, organically, as opposed to through PAID ADS.

To do so simply follow these steps, which are done at the click of a button. First go to Google

Once there, click on business solutions,  located at the bottom left hand side of the screen, which will open up a seperate window for you.

Then click on the Blue button titled get on google, which takes you to a new window. that presents you with a big map.Select the tab on the top right which has a drop down arrow next too it.This will then present you with a menu, from which you will select create a page This is very similar to facebook in a lot of ways, but from here on in, its all about quite literally following the instructions you are presented with, which include a piece of code to insert on the front/home page of your blog or website. By doing this, you are then then linking your website, directly to googles search engine, which in turn will then index your website or blog and send visitors to your site.

That is how to get your site on google the simple way


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